These kinds of risks aren't for everyone - The question is, what motivates Will Gadd to push himself through these adventures, and how does he prepare himself to make it out in one piece?

Will Power is an inspirational reality TV series that focuses on host Will Gadd and how he plans, trains, and executes various adventures in uncharted territories. As an Athlete, Speaker and ACMG Mountain Guide, Will Gadd is an icon for many extreme athletes around the world. Pushing his own limits, Will Gadd uses hard won experience, meticulous planning, and sheer Will Power, to turn dreams into reality. In each episode we'll learn something of the local culture, the uniqueness of each extreme adventure, and how Will Gadd forges his mindset, how he focuses physically and mentally before and during a dangerous project. Most importantly, how he prepares for the “Unknown Unknowns,” that are inevitable in these complex adventures. Ultimately, we see the A to Z of Will conceiving, preparing, and executing each adventure. We'll see that confidence, preparation, and humility triumph in the face of a hostile wilderness. Will Power is an immersive experience - we bring the audience along with us on each adventure. What's it like hanging upside down on an ice shelf from a terrifying height, paragliding through a mountain range, or kayaking off a raging waterfall? Through Will Gadd's thoughts and eyes, we'll be right there to find out. In addition, each episode will investigate climate change and how its effects bring new dangers - not only to Will’s adventures, but to the larger world. Will Power is educational, thrilling, and ultimately celebrates the joy of facing extreme challenges and overcoming them. Let's go with Will, he's got a lot to teach us!

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